Cherryleaf – Examples of end user documentation

Here are some examples of different types of documents we’ve developed that you can see on the web.


API documentation example

elearning module example

See the examples in the WriteLessons section of our website.

Knowledge Base example

Getting Started Guide example

Online Help file example

Available on request.

Policy and Procedures example

User Guide example

Note: We developed this for our live training courses in 2013. We did not develop this for Google themselves.

Whitepaper example

Available on request.

Why providing examples is difficult for technical writing companies

Providing examples can be difficult:

  • We are nearly always under a non-disclosure agreement with our clients.
  • The information is sometimes integrated with the software. This means you’d need to buy and install the application if you wanted to see the content. In other cases, the content may be on the web, but behind a firewall.
  • We also give our clients the capability to make changes over time themselves. This means the content on websites might not be what we created originally.

You might gain a better understanding of our capabilities by looking at the case studies from documentation projects.

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