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Reduce support costs by getting users to solve problems for themselves

When users find themselves stuck, wasting time or making mistakes, it can look like you’ve given them a poor product or service. It can also mean you have to handle too many support calls.

The reason for these problems is often because you have low quality or missing documentation.

Cherryleaf’s technical communication services are focused on providing users with the instructional content they need.

It means your customers can solve problems for themselves, and get on with doing their job. It can also mean you have more time to work on what you’re good at, and support staff feel less overwhelmed.

Doing nothing about these issues is usually a bad choice. You risk having more unhappy customers, and more support calls – unless you start to fix it today.

Use problem-solving information to attract prospects, too

The information our Technical Authors create can also attract prospects to your website. That’s because many people search the web for information on how to solve their problems.

You work hard to win your customers. Don’t let them down with poor information.

Discover more about how Cherryleaf can help you provide the right content for your audience, simply and efficiently.


Cherryleaf’s services

Have content written for you

Training courses

Recruit a Technical Author


Our clients are based mostly around the UK and continental Europe. If you are based elsewhere, we still may be able to help you.

Have content written for you

Technical writing services

Cherryleaf’s Technical Authors create clear information for you, simply and efficiently. Use us when you need to write:

Policy and procedures writing services

Clear company procedures can make your staff more efficient, reduce errors and lower costs.


Training courses

ISTC Accredited Course

Become a better technical and business communicator

Cherryleaf offers courses in technical communication, content strategy, and written business communication. Choose from affordable video-based online courses, classroom training courses, or workshops.

Technical communication courses:

  • Authoring tools training
  • Content strategy training course
  • Creating online Help
  • DITA course
  • Editing and revising content
  • Embedded Help
  • Every Page is Page One writing method
  • Information design
  • Markdown
  • Project planning
  • Single sourcing
  • Technical writing bootcamps
  • Technical writing courses (beginners and advanced)
  • End user documentation writing skills for developers

Business writing courses:

  • Policies and procedures writing course
  • Report writing training course

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Recruit a Technical Author

Contract & recruitment services

Hiring a technical communicator can be hard. You may need a specialist recruiter.

Cherryleaf’s recruitment services can help you find the right:

  • Technical Author/Technical Writer/Information Developer
  • API documentation writer/Documentarian
  • Procedures writer
  • Training courseware developer

This can be for both a contract or permanent role.

You’ll get access to a great selection of candidates with less effort, risk and stress.

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Consultancy – Get advice on designing, planning and managing content

Content design and strategy services

Cherryleaf helps you improve how you create, manage and publish content. This can help you avoid wasted effort and time when developing content.

Discover why it’s taking too long to create and publish information, and where improvements can be made. This can also help you plan and manage any future requirements. You’ll get independent advice on from our experts technical communication.

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About our customers

The people and organisations we work with include:
Software, medical equipment, IT and other technology companies.
They need technical, user, compliance or training documentation for their products and services.

Managers responsible for compliance.
They need clear and policies, procedures and other compliance information written for their staff.

HR professionals.
Who need to recruit a technical communicator or a similar role. 
Professional technical communicators. 
They want training to become a better technical communicator.

 People starting their careers as a technical communicator. 
They want to improve their skills.

 Developers wanting to improve their writing skills.

client logos

I thoroughly enjoyed the policies and procedures course and thought the content was excellent.

Ann M. Writing policies and procedures training course

Very good course. Not as dry as I thought!

Beccy W

The course was very useful, informative, and brilliantly delivered.

Cheryl R.

The Cherryleaf DITA course ticked a lot of the boxes for me: good content, good value, and available without having to travel to the South East. The introduction to the key DITA areas was presented very well – I have read similar information in books and online, but I was able to absorb it much better through the e-learning course.

Craig Wright

To see other comments from customers, see our case studies, examples of end user documentation and testimonials pages.


Free advice and resources on technical communication

Informal meetings in central London

members room

If you’re planning to be in central London for a Meetup, or for another reason, we can invite you to the exclusive Members’ Room of the British Museum for an informal meeting beforehand.

You can also arrange to meet us in the Engineering Hub at the Institution of Electronics and Technology, which is next to Waterloo Bridge. This also has rooms for larger and more formal meetings.

For example, if you’re a software company looking for advice on creating Help content, we’d be happy to suggest how to avoid some of the common pitfalls.

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Other free advice and resources on technical communication

In addition to our newsletter, you’ll find other free advice on the Cherryleaf blog, the Cherryleaf podcast, and under the Resources section of this website.

Contacting us

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