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Don’t lose your customers with poor instructions

Discover how Cherryleaf can help you deliver the right help for your audience, simply and efficiently. The size and complexity of your product has an impact on what you need. Let’s start by working that out.

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You reduce costs when users solve problems for themselves

You work hard to win your customers, so it’s important you keep them. If they get stuck, make mistakes or lose time, it can look like you’ve given them a poor product or service.

This can happen if you haven’t provided your users with the type of instructional help content they need.

Cherryleaf provides technical communication services. We focus on enabling your customers to solve problems for themselves, so they can get on with their jobs. You have more time to work on what you’re good at, and your support staff feel less overwhelmed.

Problem-solving information attracts prospects too

The content we create can attract prospective customers to your website, too. That’s because many people search the web for information on how to solve their problems.

Cherryleaf’s services

Content Writing

For when you want content written for you for an agreed price


Training courses

For when you want learn how to become a better technical and business communicator



For when you want a contract or permanent Technical Author working on site



For when you want to find better ways to create and manage your content


About our customers

The people and organisations we work with include:

Product and Project Managers

They’re working in software, medical equipment, and technology companies, and they need technical reference, Help, compliance or training documentation for their products and services.

 Managers responsible for compliance

They need clear and policies, procedures and other compliance information written for their staff.

HR professionals

Who need to recruit a technical communicator or a similar role.

Developers who write user documentation

They want to improve their communication skills.

Professional technical communicators

They want training to become a better technical communicator.

People starting their careers as a technical communicator

They want to improve their skills.


To see other comments from customers, see our case studies, examples of end user documentation and testimonials pages.

When we needed a complete re-write of two of the product manuals for our specialised and complex server software, Ellis walked us through the different approaches we could take to this project, found us an author who was ideally suited to the task and managed the project with the light-touch it required.

The professional approach of Cherryleaf was in marked contrast to our previous experiences with documentation projects and I have no hesitation in recommending Cherryleaf.

Will Sheward, Isode Marketing Manager Contract and Recruitment services

The trainer's flexibility and delivery were fantastic, making this a really worthwhile day.

Sally B. Quality and Policy Officer Writing policies and procedures training course

I’m very pleased with the enhancements to the Help System. You created very clear topics for some areas that I find difficult to explain. You also identified a number of ‘bugs’ with the current version that have now been fixed. This just continues to improve the product.

Bruce McNaughton, CEO, ProcessAssets CEO Technical writing services

I thought it was an excellent course – very thought-provoking and useful. The exercises were enjoyable and really helped, far beyond simply reading from a book about the tasks involved in the job. And I greatly appreciate all your advice and support.

Karl D. Technical Author/technical writing online training course

Free advice and resources on technical communication

Tea and coffee in central London

If you’re planning to be in central London, we can invite you to the exclusive Members’ Room of the British Museum for an informal meeting over a cup of tea or coffee.

You can also arrange to meet us in the Engineering Hub at the Institution of Electronics and Technology, which is next to Waterloo Bridge. This also has rooms for larger and more formal meetings.

We love helping software companies make sure they provide provide the right help content for their audience.

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Advice and resources on technical communication

You’ll find our newsletter, blog and podcasts are full of free advice and useful information.

Under the Useful Info and Resources sections of this website you’ll also find examples of:

  • End-user documentation
  • Whitepapers and articles
  • Reports and guides
  • ROI calculators

As well as articles, whitepapers, surveys and much more.

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