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I found particularly useful and interesting the more technical themes, such as the ones on standards (DITA, Markdown, Asciidoc) or on documenting APIs. I also liked the practical examples provided regarding specific tools (such as Confluence, for example).

P.S. Intermediate/Advanced Technical Communication training course bundle

Excellent course. Lots to consider! Will certainly make me challenge what we do and have done for several years.

Advanced technical writing & new trends in technical communication training

For Samaritans volunteers, having the information available on the intranet rather than in a manual in their branches, means they can find out what they need to know at any time; the search facility and page style ensures that information can be located and read quickly and easily. For prison staff, this is the first time they will be able to see all of the Samaritans guidelines for running the Listener scheme; this will help to further develop their understanding of the scheme and will support them in facilitating the operation of the scheme in their prison. Samaritans is delighted with the result of the project.

Maria Foster, Samaritans Policies and procedures writing

I’m very pleased with the enhancements to the Help System. You created very clear topics for some areas that I find difficult to explain. You also identified a number of ‘bugs’ with the current version that have now been fixed. This just continues to improve the product.

Bruce McNaughton, CEO, ProcessAssets CEO Technical writing services

Who we help

The people we work with include:

  • Project Managers who are launching a product or service
  • Managers responsible for policies and procedures
  • Developers who need to create API or end-user documentation
  • Companies hiring Technical Authors, Technical Writers and API documentation writers
  • Aspiring and experienced Technical Writers

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Cherryleaf’s services

Technical and procedures writing

  • Efficient content creation
  • Structured approach for quality
  • Flexibility for different formats
    • Online help, onboarding, reference, onboarding, procedural, training, troubleshooting, and UI content.
  • Creating content with AI assistants in mind

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Training courses

  • Become a better communicator
  • Learn from experienced experts

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AI solutions for technical writing teams

  • Streamline writing with AI
  • Create content optimised for chatbots

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  • Find qualified Technical Authors, Technical Writers and API documentation writers
  • Contractor management

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Why use Cherryleaf?

Here are a few reasons why someone might consider using our services:

  1. 20+ years expertise: Our team includes experienced technical writers, instructional designers, and trainers who can create high-quality content for a wide range of industries and audiences.
  2. Efficiency: Cherryleaf can help you create content quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. We use best practices and tools to streamline the content creation process, ensuring that your content is delivered on time and on budget.
  3. Quality focus: Cherryleaf is committed to creating high-quality content that meets your specific needs. We use a structured approach to content development, which includes planning, writing, editing, and testing, to ensure that your content is accurate, clear, and effective.
  4. Flexibility: Cherryleaf can work with you to create content in a variety of formats, including online help, user manuals, training materials, and e-learning courses. We can also work with you to develop a content strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives.
  5. Exceptional service: Cherryleaf is known for our exceptional customer service. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and provide personalised support throughout the content development process.

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