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You reduce costs when users solve problems for themselves

Cherryleaf creates instructional content that helps people use a product or complete a task. It can stop them getting stuck, frustrated and making mistakes.

The information our Technical Authors create can also attract prospects to your website. That’s because many people search the web for information on how to solve their problems.

It also helps convert your trial users into paying clients, and it can reduce your support team’s workload.

You work hard to win your customers. Don’t let them down with poor information.


Cherryleaf’s services

Have content written for you

Training courses

Recruit a Technical Author


We’re located in Greater London’s “Silicon upon Thames” and in Brighton. Our clients are based mostly around Europe. If you are based elsewhere, we still may be able to help.

Have content written for you

Cherryleaf writing services: Tutorials, How-to guides, pathfinders, reference guides

Technical writing services

Cherryleaf’s Technical Authors create clear information for you, simply and efficiently. Use us when you need:

Policy and procedures writing services

Clear company procedures can make your staff more efficient, reduce errors and lower costs.

Topic based writing means you can re-use content

Writing something only once, and re-using it in many places, gives you the opportunity to save valuable writing time. This approach also reduces the chances of having variations of the same topic that are inconsistent or contradict each other. It can make it easier to update content, too.

Cherryleaf has lots of experience in writing fragments of content in self-contained topics. We also teach this approach on our DITA, Foundations of Technical Writing, and Writing Policies and Procedures courses.  

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Training courses

ISTC Accredited Course

Improve your skills in technical communication

Cherryleaf offers courses in technical communication, content strategy, and written business communication. Choose from affordable video-based online courses, classroom training courses, or workshops.

Technical communication courses:

  • Authoring tools training
  • Content strategy training course
  • Creating online Help
  • DITA course
  • Editing and revising content
  • Embedded Help
  • Every Page is Page One writing method
  • Information design
  • Markdown
  • Project planning
  • Single sourcing
  • Technical writing bootcamps
  • Technical writing courses (beginners and advanced)
  • Writing skills for developers

Business writing courses:

  • Policies and procedures writing course
  • Report writing training course

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Recruit a Technical Author

Contract & recruitment services

Hiring a technical communicator can be hard. You may need a specialist recruiter.

Cherryleaf’s recruitment services can help you find the right:

  • Technical Author/Technical Writer/Information Developer
  • API documentation writer/Documentarian
  • Procedures writer
  • Training courseware developer

This can be for both a contract or permanent role.

You’ll get access to a great selection of candidates with less effort, risk and stress.

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Consultancy – Get advice on designing, planning and managing content

Content design and strategy services

Cherryleaf helps you improve how you create, manage and publish content. This can help you avoid wasted effort and time when developing content.

Discover why it’s taking too long to create and publish information, and where improvements can be made. This can also help you plan and manage any future requirements. You’ll get independent advice on from our experts technical communication.

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About our customers

The people and organisations we work with include:
Software, medical equipment, IT and other technology companies. They need technical, user, compliance or training documentation for their products and services.
Managers responsible for compliance. They need clear and policies, procedures and other compliance information written for their staff.
HR professionals who need to recruit a technical communicator. The job titles can be Technical Author, Technical Writer, and Documentation Manager.
Professional technical communicators. They want to improve their skills, or they need a technical communicator to work with them.
 People starting their careers as a technical communicator. They want to improve their skills.
 Developers wanting to improve their writing skills. If they don’t know how to write well, the final product can suffer
client logos

I attended a job interview which included a written exercise where I had to jot down how I would go about designing and presenting information for the users of the service unit I was applying to. I could not believe my luck, it was as if the interviewer had designed it with the contents of this course in mind, and, as a result, I got the job!

Amber A. Technical Author/technical writing online training course

Excellent over-view and will be useful for practical application. Much food for thought – useful for starting ideas on improving (the) existing approach to Help files.

Advanced technical writing & new trends in technical communication training

I found the course material very relevant to the day's training. Very pleased I took part.

Traci J. Writing policies and procedures training course

We see an ongoing role for Cherryleaf as consultants who can help to get better documents out of the vast material we have added to the system. Very importantly, Cherryleaf were able to rapidly respond to our issues with the system and help us understand.

Dave Hughes, HCC Embedded CEO API documentation writing

To see other comments from customers, see our case studies, examples of end user documentation and testimonials pages.


Free advice and resources on technical communication

Let’s chat: Informal conversations in central London

For those that prefer informal meetings and conversations, we have access to the exclusive Members’ Room of the British Museum.

We can also invite you to the Engineering Hub at the Institution of Electronics and Technology, which is next to Waterloo Bridge. This also has rooms for larger and more formal meetings.

Contact us if you’re a software company looking for advice on creating Help content. We’d be happy to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls.

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Other free advice and resources on technical communication

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Free laptop stickers

If you contact us, and you live in Europe, you can request some free laptop stickers to help promote technical communication.



Contacting us

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