New Cherryleaf logo – can you guess what it will look like?

The more sharp eyed visitors to the Cherryleaf Web site may have noticed our company logo has almost disappeared off the site. That’s because we have just signed off on a new logo that will be revealed shortly.

This gives the opportunity for a little bit of fun – can you guess what our new logo will look like?

car under a cloth

not our new logo

The prize – proof of your good taste and evidence of your psychic powers! It’s just for fun.

Simply use the comments box below to make your guess. You can guess both the type of imagery and the colours.


Tony Self

Were you passing a hint by saying the logo “bears” no relation to hobbies. Is the new logo a bear? Maybe a Grizzly? Or a Teddy? Or is it estoric, and the logo is a stylised (bare) streaker?


The Graphics Designer asked what message we wanted to convey; we replied, clarity and simplicity. So no bears. No kittens, nor rainbows either.
The logo is in two colours (one being white), the company name in another.
I guess you could say the image is stylised, so Tony, you could be challenging Derek Ancora yet.


Interesting idea, Bridget!
We’ve just resolved the ’50 shades of grey’ issue (which shade of grey do we use for the menu bar).
There’s a final decision on the colour for highlighting text, and then all will be revealed.

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