Podcast 106: The mysterious Reuse Files button in Microsoft Word

The episode’s title might sound like an April Fool’s joke, but it isn’t. In December 2020, a “Reuse Files” button mysteriously appeared in the UK browser version of Microsoft Word. There doesn’t appear to be any documentation about it on the Microsoft website.

What does it do?

In this episode, we do some investigating to find out.

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Nicholas Wade

Thank you for confirming that. I spent hours fiddling around with the damn control – I came across the Tap article as well as something on File Reuse by Redmondmag.com. You’d think that they would name the function Snippets, which is common enough. I currently have a personal edition of Office 365 but though it has the button, nothing happens. We used to have a merge function in Word which gave you the ability to copy and insert and changes would be updated.

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