Podcast 106: The mysterious Reuse Files button in Microsoft Word

The episode’s title might sound like an April Fool’s joke, but it isn’t. In December 2020, a “Reuse Files” button mysteriously appeared in the UK browser version of Microsoft Word. There doesn’t appear to be any documentation about it on the Microsoft website. What does it do? In this episode, we do some investigating to… Read more »

Cutting and pasting content into Word documents – Is there a better way?

Earlier this week, we were helping a large company finalise a bid document where they were required to use a Word file sent by their client. This involved taking content from the company’s repository of standard documents on SharePoint, and from emails, plus writing down information provided verbally by the Subject Matter Experts. The bid writing team had to cut the relevant content from… Read more »

Why you probably shouldn’t use Word to create your policy documents

Imagine you are an IT manager for an organisation that has been implementing new IT systems. You have now reached the point where you need to create and document the new IT policies and procedures. The organisation already has some general policies for IT in its staff handbook, but you need to provide more detailed… Read more »