Selecting the right Technical Author to recruit for your organisation

It’s been a while since we added an article to our Web site (these days we tend to post content to this blog), but we’ve just written one called Selecting the right Technical Author to recruit for your organisation. The role of the technical author (also known as Technical Writer or Information Developer) is one… Read more »

Teaching technical communication to schoolchildren

We’ve been asked to participate in an event at a school in Westminster promoting writing skills and literacy to their Year 8 (13 yr old) students. The goal is to showcase job roles in different sectors that use written communication skills as a key part of the job. So how do you explain technical writing to… Read more »

What are your transferable skills?

This is post from guest blogger, Peter Wilford. One of the biggest challenges you will face when considering a career change is giving your CV the punch and bite it needs to make an impact in a new industry or sector. You may think that little of what you have done to date will count,… Read more »

Life as a Technical Author – a case study

Prospects, “the UK’s official graduate careers website”, has published a case study on being a Technical Author. It’s actually a case study on someone at Cherryleaf, outlining how they became a Technical Author and the things they enjoy about the job. Life as a Technical Author – a case study

How many technical authors are there in the UK?

The profession of Technical Author in the UK is yet to be recognised as a distinct profession under the UK Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities, so it’s very hard to determine how many people work as Technical Authors. One way of estimating the number of Technical Authors may be by looking at statistics from the USA. The… Read more »