How many Technical Authors are in the UK? Here’s the answer

It’s quite difficult to know how many Technical Authors there are in the United Kingdom. The profession doesn’t have its own Standard Occupational Classification code, so there are no official statistics. We can estimate the number of Technical Authors in the IT sector. One way to do this is by looking at the total number people… Read more »

Getting started as a freelance Technical Author

One of the most common questions we get asked is for advice on becoming a freelance Technical Author. To help address that question in depth, we written an ebook, which you can purchase via the Cherryleaf website. This guide answers the key questions people have when considering a freelance career as a Technical Author. It… Read more »

What Technical Authors can learn from pole dancers

The conversation in a meeting yesterday went somewhat “off-topic” when someone commented on the difference between accountants and pole dancers. Their comparison might apply between Technical Authors and pole dancers, as well: that pole dancers probably do a boring job (i.e twirling around a pole day after day) that’s seen as interesting, whereas Technical Authors… Read more »

Is there a difference between a Content Strategist and a Technical Author?

What’s in a name – at this week’s Content Strategy Meetup, which unfortunately I missed due to illness, a number of the attendees and speakers came from the technical communications community. They were Technical Authors/Documentation Managers or had a background as a Technical Author. So are Technical Authors and Content Strategists one and the same… Read more »