Could we use psychometric profiling of users in User Assistance?

In the How Powerful is Facebook’s Algorithm? (The Inquiry, BBC World Service), quantitative social scientist David Stillwell revealed computers can predict our personalities based on our Facebook activity. So could we use psychometric profiling of users in User Assistance?

The conversation confusion in technical communication

We noticed last week a few tweets in our Twitter stream about how technical documentation and user assistance will be turning into a conversation. A dictionary definition of conversation is: 1. The spoken exchange of thoughts, opinions, and feelings; talk. 2. An informal discussion.   Informal, verbal, interactive, spontaneous communication is quite different from pretty much all forms… Read more »

tcworld interview: Technical Communication and social media

The July 2013 edition of tcworld magazine contains an interview with Cherryleaf’s Ellis Pratt on technical communication and social media. The magazine also includes an article by Sarah Maddox (now at Google) on how technical communicators can use Twitter in technical communication. We’re not certain when/if the online version will be uploaded to the tcworld… Read more »

Our 2nd ‘Trends in Technical Documentation’ Talk – 9th May 2012

Cherryleaf is curating and hosting a programme of talks on trends in technical documentation. At these sessions, there’ll be presentations from respected members of the Technical Communication profession, plus the opportunity to network with your peers. The next talk is: User Assistance in a Social World We’ll be looking questions, such as: Where does technical documentation… Read more »