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Learn how to create clear and effective policies and procedures on our popular training course


When you’ve been given the task of writing policies and procedures, the content you create can affect whether staff in your organisation make mistakes or work efficiently.

They can even expose your business to the risk of fines or litigation.

Ask people responsible for writing policies and procedures, and many of them will say they’re worried they’re doing it in the best way.

That’s because, in many cases, they’ve not had any formal training in how to do this type of work.

Cherryleaf’s policies and procedures course teaches you how to write clear and effective policies and procedures, in a straightforward and efficient way.

Now delivered as a virtual classroom training course

Our public courses are currently delivered using Microsoft Teams, in two three-hour sessions (0930-1230 UK time), on consecutive days.

We can also deliver this course as a virtual classroom course for teams within organisations using other platforms.

Which describes you?

Comments from delegates

I thoroughly enjoyed the policies and procedures course and thought the content was excellent.

Ann M. Writing policies and procedures training course

I found the course material very relevant to the day's training. Very pleased I took part.

Traci J. Writing policies and procedures training course

The trainer's flexibility and delivery were fantastic, making this a really worthwhile day.

Sally B. Quality and Policy Officer Writing policies and procedures training course

Delivered in such an engaging way to inspire the masses.

Ace Schools Multi Academy Trust

Writing policies and procedures training course

Good trainer, approachable. Good ideas to take forward.

Karen T. Care Agency Gibraltar Writing policies and procedures training course

It was inclusive and interactive. Ginny was well prepared about our current practice, and had tailored the session to our needs.

Steve V. Care Agency Gibraltar Writing policies and procedures training course

Who is this for?

This course is for anyone involved in writing or editing policies and procedures, and who is:

  • Having to deal with policies and procedures that overlap, repeat or contradict each other
  • Dissatisfied with the performance of their policies and procedures
  • Having trouble getting colleagues to understand the differences between policies, processes and procedures
  • Having trouble convincing others of the value of policies and procedures
  • Wanting to write clearer policies and procedures

Past delegates include staff from:

  • Avon Fire and Rescue Service
  • Barrett Developments plc
  • Calderdale College
  • Equiniti
  • KAL Software
  • Idemia
  • MSI
  • Nottingham Community Housing Association
  • Rainbow Hub charity
  • Shropshire Fire Service
  • The Ace Schools Multi Academy Trust
  • The Care Agency Gibraltar
  • The General Optical Council
  • The Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • University of Southampton,
  • Warwickshire Fire Service
  • Worthing Homes

What will I learn?

  • How to write clearly, even if writing doesn’t come naturally
  • Confidence in the work you produce
  • A simple framework to use for ensuring a consistent approach to your writing

Topics covered


What do we mean by policy, process, procedure, and guideline?

  • What would you expect to see in each of these and what not to see.
  • What are the characteristics of good policies/procedures?

Why do we need policies and procedures?

  • Best Practice and Good Practice
  • Benefits of policies and procedures

The characteristics of good policies and procedures

  • Utility and usability
  • How much detail?
  • Audience analysis

The Information Design stage

  • Outlining and planning the document.
  • How to meet the needs of more than one audience (such as staff and auditors)
  • How to structure and organise the content to assist users in finding what they are looking for

Topic-based writing

What content should you write?

Writing the topics

  • Using clear English

How to write and present different types of information

  • The importance of steps in a procedure

Organising the content in a page

  • Page layout and how this can help users find what they are looking for.

Software tools

  • What are the best ways to publish your content?

Reviewing your work

  • Steps involved in reviewing a document.

The writing process

Measuring if it works

Prerequisites - None

Our expertise

Cherryleaf has many years experience in writing and editing policies and procedures documents for clients such as Affidea, Almabani, Clearscore, NHS, Samaritans, and a number of rapidly growing software companies. We also have many years experience of teaching writing skills to technical writers and other staff within organisations.

Price and how to book

Public courses

The price for the 2021 virtual classroom courses is £299 ex VAT per delegate.

Private courses

The price for a private course depend on the number of delegates taking them. If you have a rough idea of numbers, then we can put together a quotation for you.

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