Here is Cherryleaf’s new logo

We’ve unveiled our new logo for Cherryleaf today. Here it is:

cherryleaf logo

cherryleaf logo - centred

It was developed by Dominic Negus Design, whose previous brand identity clients include Blue Circle, British Airways Cargo, The Rank Organisation and The Royal Opera House.

Why have we changed our logo? Our previous logo was designed to be right justified, and we were finding an increasing number of situations where we wanted to have a logo that could be left justified. Also, after ten years of being in business, we thought the time was right for an update to our brand image.

We hope you like it.



Very sharp. I like logos that require you to study them a while to see the hidden subtleties.




Thank you Cherie. Do you think there are hidden subtleties? I don’t think we’ve spotted any so far.

Shweta Hardikar

Am I the only one who liked the luscious cherry on the header better ? 🙂
No doubt it’s a great logo but that cherry was amazing 🙂

Gary Appleton

I want to like it but I have to say I don’t. It looks like someone asked themselves “How can I incorporate a cherry and a leaf without making it look too much like a cherry and a leaf?” The font is nice and clean though.

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