Your organisation as a node

There’s a book that states you should think of yourself as a node – the link between one person and another.

It would be impossible to do illustrate an individual as a node, but it might be possible to describe an organisation in this way – how it can link things together.

So we had a stab at doing it. It’s a work in progress and about my company as it’s the organisation we know best.

Has anyone done anything similar for their organisation?
Is this useful?
Is this a clear way or describing the links or is there a better way?

Looking for diabolical documents

We’re in search of some examples of diabolical documentation. We’re looking for examples of poor user instructions, such as

On the bottom of Tesco’s Tiramisu – “Do not turn upside down”
On baby’s milk formula – “If the baby finds the milk too lumpy, boil it”

It can be from products, software or corproate policies. If you have anything we could use, then please let us know.

"Act like a consultant"

Many of the sales experts say “Act like a consultant” – Diagnose, prescribe etc.

We’ve always thought that was a great approach, but found it difficult to apply in practice. This is because we deal primarily in a specialist area (user documentation and online Help), and it’s not something that people think about very often. They only want to speak to us when they need it. We want to, need to, speak to them before they get to that stage.

We thought about gaining knowledge about the other issues they deal with, so that we could widen the consultation discussions and make ourselves more attractive to them, but this isn’t easy. We can’t be experts in everything.

So how else can we make ourselve more useful to our prospects and clients? How else can we get to talk to them about their “big” issues?

We now talk to them about their big issues because we can connect them to people that do know about those things. We don’t have the knowledge, these people do.

We can talk about market positioning issues and connect them to a positioning expert, email marketing issues and connect them to a marketing expert, selling skills issues and connect them to a soft selling expert, sales motivation issues and connect them to the UK’s No 1 motivational speaker and coach, recruiting and supporting a sales force issues and talk to other recruitment agencies, direct mailing issues and connect them to an expert in this field, user training issues and connect them to me, conferences and connect them to other trainers or event managers, user documentation issues and connect them to Cherryleaf, outsourced selling and connect them to a flexible sales manager, finance issues and connect them to a flexible CFO, legal issues and connect them to lawyers, finance raising issues and connect them to a VC or a business angel, and so on.

It’s changed the way we talk to our prospects, and it’s certainly more fun to do.

Quadralay Launches WebWorks ePublisher Pro

“WebWorks ePublisher Pro opens new doors by providing greater flexibility and ease of use for Help authors, technical writers, documentation professionals, and other content providers wanting to produce content for common online formats directly from Microsoft Word or Adobe FrameMaker files. In addition, the new software features simple WYSIWYG controls and push-button processing that give authors full control of the look and feel of Help content and other online information.”

More details here