Documentation Specialists

Cherryleaf: Documentation specialists, information designers, technical authors, technical writers or technical communicators?

There are lots of phrases used to describe our profession. We tend to focus more on the problems we solve and the benefits derived, because people tend to understand these more easily. We also deal in other areas, such as copywriting and Web development and online communities.

Will the profession ever settle a definitive description of what we do?

Will Microsoft’s Vista delay benefit RoboHelp?

Microsoft has put back the launch of its next operating system, Microsoft Vista. Corporate customers are promised it in November 2006, with the retail version due in January 2007.

This is unlikely to have earth shattering consequences for technical writers, but it is likely to affect some of the Help authoring tool vendors. For Adobe, in particular, who are busy recruiting programmers to restart development of RoboHelp, it gives them an additional six months breathing space to come up with a version that supports Vista.

Tech Writing 2.0 – The impact of Web 2.0 on technical illustration

Last week we said:

“At the moment, the biggest problem is how to tag particular areas of a diagram (to be called “segmented tagging” or “hotspot tagging” perhaps?), but that’s unlikely to be a showstopper.”

And this week, a Web site went into service that solves this problem!
Does anyone else know what that Web site is ?
A clue – It’s a four letter word beginning with R.

Our Happy Place

“I got a lot out of the day. I think the standard course is ideally suited to people who are starting out or at the early phases of implementing new online help projects. While the work that our department does is a little beyond this stage, I still found the course, which was tailored to suit our needs, of great value. I had stressed that I wanted to get “back to basics”, and I found that even areas that weren’t new to me were valuable, as it allowed me confirm what we are doing right, and what areas we need to improve…

…In addition, Justin provided well thought out feedback, insights, and critique on issues specific to our department and company in the tailored afternoon session.”

Feedback on Cherryleaf’s Justin Darley from someone in the UK’s largest software company.