PTC buys Arbortext

July 6, 2005 – Today PTC announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Arbortext, Inc. developers of the EPIC XML authoring suite. The transaction is expected to close by the end of July 2005, subject to customary conditions including regulatory approval. The transaction has been approved by Arbortext shareholders.

PTC claim they will be “uniquely positioned to enable customers to create, manage and dynamically publish critical information concurrently with the development of related products or services, improving time-to-market, quality, cost and customer satisfaction.”

Is this good news? What do you think?

Technical Authors in short supply in India

According to an article published in Cyber India Online Limited (CIOL):
“The demand for tech writers in the Indian IT industry is around 10,000 professionals and only 50 percent of this requirement is met.” Salaries are rising by 20% pa as a result. It will be interesting to see if the supply levels can rise to meet the demand.

Young persons guide to technical authors

The Department for Education is writing a national careers guide to IT-related jobs, and has asked Cherryleaf to introduce them to a young technical author who would be happy to feature in the book. The guide explains what is involved in their day-to-day work, and is used nationally in careers services, colleges and libraries.

Invitation to a networking event

Celebrate the long summer evenings and take the opportunity to network with your fellow authors in a relaxed environment.

Many of us work on our own and don’t have the opportunity to share our ideas, thoughts and problems, or make contact with other authors.

Cherryleaf invites you to a networking evening to enable you to meet with your fellow professionals.

Join us between 18.30-22.00 on Thursday July 14th for a few drinks and food at the Sekforde Arms, central London.

Contact us to sign up and get more details.

Ghostblogging – Who you gonna call?

No time to learn the skills of blogging? No time to post content on a regular basis?

The answer is Ghostblogging – writing and posting content on your behalf.

We can create a Corporate Blog as part or outside of your Web site, and then employ one of our writers to update it. We work with you to ensure you have an authentic voice for your organisation.

The benefits are:

  • Your Blog becomes a source of good, well written information.
  • You are able to post on a regular and frequent basis.
  • You have a Blog designed and maintained by people who are expert in this field.
  • Your Blog is optimised your meet your objectives

Contact us for more information.

PhD on Single Sourcing

We were asked by a PhD student in technical communication at Oklahoma State University this week if she could include some of our articles and findings on single sourcing in her dissertation.

She is looking into whether native English readers and non-native English readers comprehend single-sourced English-language documents differently.

We look forward to reading about her findings.

Book – Winning by sharing

Leon Benjamin is launching a book called “Winning by Sharing“. It is about the dramatic changes in the nature of work, the emergence of the network economy and its implications for corporations, employees and portfolio workers. It describes the emergence of extensive, global networks of people who want to work and conduct business in completely different ways, which are at odds with the traditional nature of the firm and its command and control organisational structures.

The Big Picture that comes with this book will show you how to thrive in the knowledge/network economy.

The Stress of Technical Writers

In 2001, the Techwhirl Web site published a report on Stress Management for the Technical Communicator. How can writing be stressful, you may ask. They cite overload of tasks, impossible deadlines or expectations and difficulty getting information from subject matter experts (SMEs) as the main reason why it occurs. So how do they manage the stress? The most popular forms listed were physical exercise, daydreaming and meditation, having a sense of humor and drinking.

Is technical writing so stressful? I reckon there are many professions that are much more so.