Automating technical documentation updates with Generative AI

Keeping documentation updated is a perpetual challenge, especially for products releasing new versions rapidly. We explored an AI-powered approach to automate identifying documentation needing updates. Our idea was prompted by a question in a Write the Docs forum about auto-flagging outdated help centre content. Hi we have a large and complex product with multiple releases… Read more »

Nine reasons why successful companies have strong policies and procedures

Well-documented policies and standardised procedures are crucial for organisations of all types and sizes.Here are nine reasons why they provide value. Restructures and mergers When teams or companies merge, blending disparate ways of working, policies facilitate consistency and coordination. Documented guidelines enable smooth integration and reduce friction. Scaling an operation As a company grows, relying… Read more »

Eight reasons why successful companies provide API documentation

Providing comprehensive API documentation plays a key part in separating the successful platforms from the rest. It has become essential for attracting developers, earning their trust, encouraging adoption and ultimately driving business growth. Here are eight reasons why the most successful companies invest in API docs. Building trust Developers rely on documentation to integrate their… Read more »