Even iPad users search for Help

One of the graphs posted in yesterday’s blog showed the number of people searching for IPad Help. Here is the graph: For a product that “just works”, there is an increasing number people searching the Web for iPad Help. However, part of that increase can be put down to the increasing number of iPad sales:… Read more »

iPad capabilities every Technical Author should know about

Here are some special capabilities of the iPad that many people are not aware of. This clip is in German, but you don’t have to understand German to appreciate his mastery. Should we include these in our iPad workshop on Thursday, I wonder?

Update on our iPad as a documentation device training course

Here’s an update on the training workshop we’re currently developing on how to use the iPad and other tablets as a device for delivering documentation. The trainer’s slide deck has been completed and is out for review. Once that’s been signed off, we’ll check the timings and determine if this is a half or full… Read more »