Update on our iPad as a documentation device training course

Here’s an update on the training workshop we’re currently developing on how to use the iPad and other tablets as a device for delivering documentation. The trainer’s slide deck has been completed and is out for review. Once that’s been signed off, we’ll check the timings and determine if this is a half or full day session.

We’ve selected the venue in central London, so, after that we’ll be able to announce the date and prices for the course.

The primary focus will be on the iPad, but we can also cover what’s possible on other tablets.


We’ll cover items such as:

  • How organisations are creating, in just 30 seconds, online magazines for “getting started” guides, tips and tricks, training guides and FAQs, using existing content from your Web site and blogs.
  • Apps for reading content
  • Tools for creating content
  • What works/ what doesn’t work
  • Implications for the future, how to use the iPad to gain and edge over your competition etc

Let us know if you would be interested in attending this event.



No plans for a webinar of this course, but we may do a short webinar on tablets at some stage in the future.

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