User documentation from an accountant’s perspective

My first job out of college was in financial auditing, and I’ve often found the time I spent learning the ways of the accountant useful in understanding business fundamentals. So how does User Assistance (user documentation) appear through the prism of accountancy? Is it an asset? Assets are things you buy that have a value… Read more »

Brand authenticity and the role of the Technical Author

The current edition of Autocar (14/12/11) contains an interview with David Woodhouse, head of Ford’s London Strategy Concept Group, a semi-secret team that looks at emerging consumer trends. From the article: Woodhouse said “One of the rising trends is the search for authenticity. How does it (the product) tell you what it is?” Woodhouse points… Read more »

Help us design our new strategy workshop for leaders of documentation projects

We’d love your input in developing the course outline for our new workshop for documentation managers and leaders of documentation projects who want to do more than just provide a traditional user manual/Help file. We’ve developed a course outline, but we’d like to know your opinion regarding what topics you think a workshop like this should… Read more »

Help is broken?

Are we at the point when we need to acknowledge that classic online Help files are not working as well as they should – that is, as the primary source of information to assist users when they get stuck? This is not a Don Draper “why I’m quitting tobacco” moment, and this is not a… Read more »