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You get access to a collection of online courses in technical communication, under a low cost, month-by-month plan. You have access to all of the courses from the moment you sign up. You can cancel when you want.

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An affordable way to keep your skills in technical communication relevant and up to date

From the outside, you might think that technical writing changes little over time. If you’re involved in technical communication, you’ll know that’s far from the case. For example, you might be faced with having to adapt to changes in the way development teams work. Today, there are new ways and technologies for assisting users when they need help. When it comes to APIs, they require a different type of documentation.

What’s more, you’re expected to work more efficiently, and be able to manage ever more complicated projects.

It can be scary and exciting. Exciting because there are opportunities to lead and use your skills elsewhere in the organisation. Scary because you might get passed by if you don’t have the right skills, or the confidence to show others you can do this type of work.

Cherryleaf’s intermediate/advanced technical communication skills course bundle is a great way for you to keep on top of the latest and advanced techniques in technical communication. Let us help you become a better technical communicator.

Recommended by the ASTC

Logo for Australian Society for Technical Communication techcommnz logoThis course is recommended by The Australian Society for Technical Communication and The Technical Communicators Association of New Zealand to their members.

About the delegates

Past and present delegates work at organisations in a wide variety of sectors. For example: Clinisys, Pearson, Renishaw, Shopify, Unit4 and Waters Corporation.

What's in the course bundle

Each course is self-contained, so you can to choose to take just a single course, if you wish. It contains:

It’s a great way to maintain the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) required by technical communication societies.

Your questions answered

  • The course modules are delivered over the Web in small, manageable video presentations. You can pause the videos at any time and return to the course at times that suit you.
  • You can download the course handouts.
  • You have the option of taking the course on an iPhone or iPad, using the MyTeachable app in the Apple App Store.
  • The courses are not available separately, outside of the Advanced course bundle.
  • The courses are separate, self-contained courses.
  • You will have access to the entire package (all courses and modules) from the moment you subscribe. It’s similar to the way Netflix works.
  • If you are only interested in one or just a few courses, you can just take those. Just remember to unenrol/cancel your subscription when you’ve completed the courses you want to take.
  • You can cancel your subscription when you want. Again, it’s similar to the way Netflix works.
  • The courses are is hosted and sold by via the Teachable platform. From a VAT perspective, they are the “Merchant of Record”, and receipts contain their VAT number.
  • You can preview some of the course modules.
  • Certificates of completion (if you need them to meet Continuing Professional Development requirements) are available on request.

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