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Useful advice and information to help you find the right technical communicator

Here are links to information to help you if you’re looking to recruit a technical communicator, or if you’re looking to start a career as a technical communicator.

Selecting the right candidate

Interview pack to help you select the best person for your technical writing vacancy

We are thinking of producing an interview pack, sharing what we know about selecting and recruiting the best Technical Authors, Technical Writers, UI Writers and UX Writers. Inside, you’d find useful tools and information, such as:

  • Writing tests (with marking guidance)
    • The option of an independent assessment of the work
  • Proofreading/editing test
  • Job competency framework
  • Sample job descriptions
  • Current salary data
  • A framework for making an objective assessment of any writing samples
  • Advice on questions to ask

If you are interested, send us a message.

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How to assess a good technical communicator from a bad one when you’re recruiting

Knowing a software tool or technology isn’t enough to make you a competent technical communicator. So what skills does someone need to be a good technical communicator? And how do you assess them?

This is a free online training video where you’ll discover:

  • The skills you need to be a good technical communicator
  • The mistakes mainstream agencies often make
  • A framework for assessing and selecting candidates

It’s based on the content we were ask to present at the “Build your Docs Career” event, hosted by the Government Digital Service.

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Hiring a Technical Author can be hard. Cherryleaf can help.

Cherryleaf’s recruitment team specialises in finding you great Technical Authors, API documentation writers, UI/UX Writers, and courseware developers. Our staff are also technical communicators themselves, so we understand the role.

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