Creating content for customer onboarding – elearning training course

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone developing onboarding content who wants to:

  • Learn how to onboard users in an effective and efficient way.
  • See practical, real-world examples.

Coming soon: Cherryleaf’s e-learning course on content for customer onboarding gives you the foundations for onboarding new users and staff in an effective way. The course includes exercises and model answers for the delegates to complete and review.

Onboarding new users is something that many organisations need to do, but very few have had any formal training in how to do it. Sometimes, the result is that the information can be unclear and not fit its purpose. Creating them can also take a lot of time, especially if they need to be changed frequently.



Which describes you?

About the course

The course will comprise 15 modules in total, which you can complete at your own pace.

The course modules are delivered via the Web in small, manageable modules. With the exercises, each delegate will need to allocate around seven hours to complete the course.

Course outline

The course is in development, so this is subject to change:

  • Introduction
  • What is onboarding?
    • The different types of onboarding
    • Why onboard?
    • Why not onboard?
  • When should onboarding happen?
  • A design approach to onboarding
    • Empathising with the user
    • Defining the objectives
    • Information design
    • Delivery methods
    • Writing the content
  • Software tools for creating and delivering the content
  • Methods for delivering the onboarding content
  • Measuring it works
  • Maintenance and governance
  • Checklists

If you are interested in this course

The course is currently in development, and we are maintaining a wait list for the pilot course.

We’ll be sending out updates on the course and its release date to those interested.

If you’d like to be one of the people receiving those updates, complete the form below:


You can also tell us if there are any other topics that you’d like to see covered on the course.