Technical Communication’s top influencers

Mindtouch has compiled an updated list of the most influential techcomm bloggers. The top six most influential bloggers are based in the USA; Cherryleaf’s Ellis Pratt comes in at No. 7, making him, according to this list, the most influential techcomms blogger in Europe.

Most Influential Techcomm

It does conjure up images of someone stroking a white persian cat in their mountain lair – do bloggers and tweeters really have a great deal of influence on their community?

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I think the influence of bloggers and tweeters is mainly one of agenda setting (as opposed to changing my work environment or blowing up remote things).

Consider the annual techcomm trends that get thrown around this time of year: They won’t change my tasks or my salary. But the top 10 influencers have the power to influence what and how I think about the future of the profession.

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