Using flowcharts to help juries make decisions in court cases

Spotted this post on Twitter yesterday: I’ve just seen this, courtesy of @kirkkorner. It’s the “route to verdict” given to the #BenStokes jury, setting out all the issues they had to consider. More courts should publish these in high-profile cases; they’re invaluable in helping the public understand the law. — The Secret Barrister (@BarristerSecret)… Read more »

Advice for new technical writers

Here are the responses we received when we asked, share one piece of advice you have for new technical writers: Start with the question “why does the reader care?” and you won’t go far wrong lornajane Find a balance between: (1) Take feedback well and constantly improve (2) Develop a thick skin to criticism and… Read more »

Share one piece of advice you have for new technical writers

We’re asking another Question of the Week. We’re asking it on our blog, in discussion forums and on Social Media. The question is: Share one piece of advice you have for new technical writers. You can use the comments section below to add your thoughts.

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Survey results: Why does your organisation have end user documentation?

Here are the results from our short survey into the reasons why organisations have end user documentation: (n=20) What can we learn from these answers – perhaps that there isn’t one single dominant reason why organisations have end user documentation. The results suggest its value in reducing costs and retaining customers is seen as more important than its… Read more »