Converting policy documents written in Word to HTML – Example

In recent posts, we’ve been describing the different ways to publish policy and procedure documents online. Often, organisations want to write their content in Microsoft Word, as staff are familiar with the application. However, they also want a very nice, and usable, online version.

Here’s an example of a direct conversion from Word to HTML.

Before – Example Mobile Phone Policy IT-0022-v2


After – Mobile phone policy – written in Word  and converted to HTML


In this example, we have not amended the source content before conversion, nor the default template. We just imported the document and pressed the Build button.

The document has been broken down into a series of web pages, with a responsive web layout. This means the pages can be easily read on a mobile phone.

The writers would make any changes to the policy by amending the Word document. You’d then run the conversion again, and upload the revised web pages.

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