Staff handbook written in Word and converted to a responsive Web layout

In recent posts, we’ve been describing different ways to publish policy and procedure documents online. Here’s an example of a staff handbook that has been converted from Word to a responsive web layout. The home page provides links to the main sections in the handbook. In this example, we also changed many of the sentences… Read more »

Converting policy documents written in Word to HTML – Example

In recent posts, we’ve been describing the different ways to publish policy and procedure documents online. Often, organisations want to write their content in Microsoft Word, as staff are familiar with the application. However, they also want a very nice, and usable, online version. Here’s an example of a direct conversion from Word to HTML. Before… Read more »

Cutting and pasting content into Word documents – Is there a better way?

Earlier this week, we were helping a large company finalise a bid document where they were required to use a Word file sent by their client. This involved taking content from the company’s repository of standard documents on SharePoint, and from emails, plus writing down information provided verbally by the Subject Matter Experts. The bid writing team had to cut the relevant content from… Read more »

Why you probably shouldn’t use Word to create your policy documents

Imagine you are an IT manager for an organisation that has been implementing new IT systems. You have now reached the point where you need to create and document the new IT policies and procedures. The organisation already has some general policies for IT in its staff handbook, but you need to provide more detailed… Read more »

Displaying Help as a toolbar in Word

Here is an innovative way to provide users with access to documentation: a small (622KB) add-in that adds a “Get Started” tab to the Ribbon in Word 2007. The tab is a set of redirects to Word 2007 Help topics, demos, animated guides and support resources on Microsoft’s Office Online Web site. There are also… Read more »