Quiz: What type of policies and procedures writer are you?

Policy and procedures come in different forms: half-page statements, one page flowcharts, and long sets of instructions are three examples. Just as there are all kinds of policy and procedures, so there are different kinds of policy and procedure writers. Each has a unique set of skills and experience, and they tend fall into common… Read more »

What is your policies and procedures KPI score?

We’ve created a new quiz. Take this two-minute quiz to find out how your polices and procedures score against key KPIs. On top of that, we’re going to give you our top three tips for policy writing success!

Policies and Procedures Writing – Virtual Classroom Course Jan 2021

We’re running a virtual classroom training course on writing policies and procedures in January 2021. The course teaches you how to write clear and effective policies and procedures, in a straightforward and efficient way. It will be delivered using Microsoft Teams, in two three-hour sessions, on consecutive days: Tuesday 19th January 2021, 1300-1600 UTC Wednesday… Read more »

Policies and procedures writing – New virtual classroom course

We got there in the end. We’re now running policies and procedures writing training in a new, virtual classroom, format. The course teaches delegates how to create clear and effective policies and procedures. It’s delivered using Microsoft Teams, in two three-hour sessions, on consecutive days. We’re looking at delivering an open/public course in January 2021… Read more »

Podcast 93: Writing controls-based procedures during the lockdown

In this episode of the Cherryleaf Podcast, we look at writing controls-based procedures during the lockdown. Transcript: Hello and welcome to the Cherryleaf Podcast. We’re back. We had a little break over the summer. We spent it updating some of the courseware for our training courses. We had a break just to refresh ourselves. I… Read more »