Case Study – Developing procedures for a rapidly expanding company

A large US software company had purchased a very successful UK start up company. As a consequence, there was an explosion of growth for the business around the world.

This also lead to a large and rapid expansion in the number of people working for the company. These new people needed to understand key information, such as the project management procedures, the departmental and reporting structures and where key information and systems were located.

The directors wanted to move on from a simple staff induction process (that was described as “heroic tales” told around the camp fire) because the rapid growth in staff numbers made this approach no longer practical.

The Development Director had used Cherryleaf at a previous company he worked for and invited us in to discuss this problem.

We agreed a plan where we would work with a process improvement expert and the company’s staff to document and present the company’s corporate and departmental processes and procedures.

The resulting information was presented online on the company’s intranet, and it contained a series of portals or navigation routes for the different audiences that needed the information (new starters, project managers, team members etc) and clickable “swim lane” process flowcharts that explained the responsibilities of different team members.

The information design could be developed further if the company wanted to gain an external quality system certification.

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