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Cherryleaf writes onboarding and UI content for you. We help you provide the right information, in the right format, at the right time, and in the right place. This is so your users will succeed when they use your product.

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When you need effective onboarding for your product

Cherryleaf’s technical and writers create onboarding and UI content that can help you:

  • Increase customer engagement
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Enjoy more flexibility to introduce new features
  • Lower the number of frustrated users (and calls to Support)
  • Support a wider range of audiences
  • Make the product feel more human – empathetic to the users’ thought processes and emotions
  • Reduce any confusion caused by too many choices and information overload
  • Enable users to achieve their goals

The key factors in a successful onboarding process

If there is no onboarding:

  • Only power users and self-studiers are likely to succeed
  • Average and less competent users are likely to fail
  • Users won’t know where to start
  • Users might feel overwhelmed by the number of choices and decisions they have to make

Successful onboarding programmes succeed by providing users with the right content, in the right place, at the right time.

  • It helps them do what they want to do.
  • It’s the way your product speaks to the user, answers their questions, and gives them feedback.

In other words, it enables customers to experience the transformation they hoped for, as a result of using your app or service.

Free resource

Get the ultimate user onboarding content checklist for start-ups

We’re going to walk you through eight areas for assisting users. This checklist is for you to troubleshoot and examine, and so that you can get the successful product launch you hoped for.

Get and print off your own checklist here:

Providing the right type of guidance for your users

Effective onboarding programmes typically contain:


You can provide pre-populated information that saves users time.

They can also provide just-in-time instructions to help users understand how to complete a task, and reduce the amount of errors.

Inline help

Inline help puts guidance in the product itself. It can help new users understand concepts, and it can suggest the next action the user should take.

Proactive help

You can provide guidance that familiarises the user with the product and tells the user what to do.

It can prevent problems by appearing before the user has experienced a problem.

When it’s done right, it anticipates what the user needs.

It can be delivered in a number of ways: Tutorials, instructional overlays, contextual help, tooltips or wizards.

Reactive help

You can provide guidance that only appears once, in response to the user’s action.

Proactive help answers their questions and troubleshoots their problems.

Online help, troubleshooting guides and knowledge bases

You can’t anticipate every user’s needs.

So you need to enable users to solve problems themselves by using help content that’s available on-demand.

Online Help and knowledge bases provide you with the space to cover all of the questions a user might have.

Our services

You can use Cherryleaf to:

  • Write content, such as onboarding emails and screens, microcopy, chatbot text, voice scripts, embedded Help, or User Interface text.
  • Review and edit your onboarding and UI content for flow, clarity and consistency.
  • Develop content style guides, content and standards.
  • Train your team to write better onboarding and UI content.

Our team has a background in user experience design, copywriting, and technical communication. This means they can write content that connects with people. We love creating content that actually helps people have a successful user experience.

Training courses in UX writing, UI writing and onboarding

If you want to do it yourself, you might be interested in our training courses:

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