Case Study – Managing the Mathspeak EU Erasmus+ Project

Mathspeak is a foreign language learning resource for secondary school students. It is a course in ten units on the language of mathematics. Mathspeak enables students to perform mathematics in a foreign language at the same level they do in their native language.

Cherryleaf were the lead project managers, working with European educational practitioners and creators of educational materials.

Mathspeak platform home page

Mathspeak enables students to:

  • verbally express mathematical concepts appropriate to their age groups,
  • make sense of mathematics when it is both spoken and written,
  • put number problems into words, and
  • handle mathematical terminology with confidence.
Mathspeakplatform home page in Italian

Mathspeak is available in:

  • English
  • Bulgarian
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Romanian

Any school in the European Union can download and use the free educational materials that have been developed.

Mathspeak course image

In this episode from the Mathspeak Podcast, the project team at Colegiul tehnic loan C. Ştefănescu in Iasi, Romania, discuss using the Mathspeak pilot materials: