Technical writing for developers: elearning course


An affordable way for individual developers to learn the skills of technical writing


Cherryleaf’s Technical Writing for Developers elearning course teaches the basics of technical writing to developers who are writing documentation. It teaches you how to write clearer technical documentation, plus topics such as creating sample code, tutorials, images and diagrams.

The course will improve your technical writing skills. You’ll gain confidence you’re approaching each writing project in the right way, and creating content that follows best practice.



Who are these courses for?

The courses have been designed for individuals who are:

  • Software developers
  • Software engineering students

In addition, other people involved in software development (such as product managers) can benefit from these courses, especially if they:

  • Want to communicate more clearly and effectively
  • Want to know how little, or how much, they should write
  • Struggle with planning their writing
  • Want people to answer their own support questions


Delegates need to have basic writing proficiency in English.

What will I learn?

You’ll learn:

  • How to communicate clearly, even if writing doesn’t come naturally
  • How to save time and write in an efficient way
  • Confidence in the work you produce

You’ll have access to a framework and templates to help you with your writing.

You can also get feedback on your completed exercises.

Virtual Classroom option

We can also offer this course as a virtual classroom course for teams within organisations. The course is split into two sessions of 3 hours each, delivered on different days.

See Technical writing for developers: Virtual classroom courses.

Topics covered

Writing clearly

  • Writing clearer sentences
  • How to write instructions
  • The basics of English grammar
  • Using the active voice
  • Style, tone and voice

Writing for your audience

  • Identifying your target audience
  • Understanding your target audience’s needs
  • Support reading to do, study, and locate

Designing your information

  • Headings
  • Links
  • Lists

Structuring your information

  • Chunking your content into topics
  • Sequencing the information
  • Organising large documents

Defining your document’s purpose and scope

  • Defining your document’s purpose and scope
  • Writing different types of documents
  • Defining the outcomes

Planning and outlining  your writing

  • Top down planning
  • Templates
  • How do you write a first draft?
  • Bottom up planning
  • How to write and present different types of information


Writing in Markdown

  • Using Markdown to write documentation

Using images and diagrams

  • Planning and creating diagrams
  • Using images
  • Using screenshots

Writing clear code samples

  • Writing code samples
  • Using Markdown, HTML, and Word to write code samples

Reviewing and editing your content

  • Verification and validation
  • Editing
  • Proofreading

Duration and delivery format

Learning Materials

  • The course comprises 11 modules in total, which you can complete at your own pace. The course modules are delivered over the Web in small, manageable video presentations. You can pause the videos at any time and return to the course at times that suit you. These are full of practical examples and techniques you can use right away. You can download the course handouts as Word or PDF files.


  • You’ll also have option of getting feedback on your exercises from an instructor.


  • Cherryleaf’s Technical Writing for Developers e-learning course is hosted on the Teachable platform.
  • This course is taught completely online; there is no need for any classroom-based teaching with this option.
  • The course typically takes 1 to 1.5 days to complete, but you can go at the pace that suits you.

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