Decision guide: Do I need a Technical Author?

This decision guide helps you assess whether you need a Technical Author.

You probably don’t need a Technical Author if:

Your content

  • You product is effectively a commodity that is obvious to use.
  • You don’t need to to provide written user instructions.

Your team

  • Your team has the time and skills to write good end user documentation themselves.
  • There’s a person in the team who knows what the whole product does.

Your business

  • You don’t receive many support calls.
  • You don’t need to provide post sales support.
  • You have a limited budget.

You probably do need a Technical Author if:

Your content

You need to to provide written technical material, and:

  • It’s not obvious what content your audience needs and wants.
  • Your current content is poor:
    • unclear, hard to find, out of date, inconsistent, contains mistakes, incomplete etc.
  • You need to create clear information, simply and efficiently.
  • You need to create many variations of the same document.

Your team

  • Your team <doesn’t have the time or skills or resources to provide this content.
  • You need to allocate resources more efficiently.
  • Your developers struggle to understand what it’s like to be new user of the product.
  • It takes too long for your team to create the documentation.
  • No single person in the team knows what the whole product does.
  • You need a Technical Author to act as a user advocate and provide an objective view of the product’s capabilities.

Your business

  • Customers are complaining about poor after-sales support.
  • Trial users are not converting into paying customers.
  • You’re losing customers.
  • You want more users to solve problems themselves.
  • You need a more efficient authoring, reviewing and publishing process.
  • You want to meet the legal requirements of selling consumer products, and you don’t have the skills or resources to provide this.
  • You need to prove you comply with external standards (e.g. ISO standards).
  • It’s a requirement of the contract with your supplier, and you don’t have the skills or resources to provide this.

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