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Cherryleaf’s technical communication services help your users or staff get to the clear information they’re looking for. People solve problems for themselves, and you avoid high support costs and poor productivity. For technology companies, it also means you develop a better product. This content can attract prospects to your website, and help convert trial users into long-term customers and advocates. 
You can call on us when you need help with any of these four issues:  
  1. Writing services – technical documentation, Help, and policies and procedures
  2. Training – improving your skills in writing, technical communication, and content strategy
  3. Recruiting a Technical Author
  4. Building your content strategy

You work hard to win your customers. Don’t let them down with poorly designed or written user documentation.

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Technical writing services – clear information, written for you, simply and efficiently

Technical writing and the customer journey - CherryleafYou can call on Cherryleaf’s technical writing and content development services when you need help in creating end-user, technical, training or policies & procedures documentation.

For example, when you need to deliver user manuals, online Help, knowledge bases, onboarding screens, video walk-throughs, API documentation, “Getting Started” guides, embedded Help, policy manuals, training guides or product information sheets.

You’ll get clear information, written for you, simply and efficiently.

See also: Why technical communication is changing.

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Need help in developing your content? Cherryleaf can help. To help us gain an initial understanding of your situation, please use our project services contact form.

Training – Improving your skills in writing, technical communication, and content strategy

Training centre

Creating clear information is not as easy at it looks.

You’ll improve your writing, technical communication, and content strategy skills by attending Cherryleaf’s elearning or classroom training courses. Don’t worry if you can’t see the course you want, we may still be able to cater for your needs.

If you’d like more information about any of our training courses, including options for courses for groups in a single organisation, contact us using our training services contact form.

Technical communication training courses

Our courses in technical communication include:

We can also offer more academically-orientated training in technical communication for your writers, managers or anyone else involved in technical communication.

ISTC Accredited Course

Content strategy training courses

Business Writing training courses

    Contract and recruitment services – Technical Authors and courseware developers

    3 in 1000 imageCherryleaf gives you the inside track for hiring technical communicators in both contract and permanent roles.

    If you’re looking to hire a permanent or contract Technical Author, an API documentation writer, a courseware developer, a content strategist, or other types of content developers, Cherryleaf’s recruitment services can help find the right one for you.

    You’ll get access to a great selection of candidates with less effort, risk and stress.

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    Need help in recruiting the right technical communicator, courseware developer or content strategist? Cherryleaf can help. To help us gain an initial understanding of your situation, please use our recruitment services contact form.

    Content strategy services

    Ready for change? Cherryleaf can help you with vendor-neutral, independent advice on getting your strategy, tools and processes right:

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    About you

    client logos The people and organisations we work with include:
    • Software, medical equipment, IT and other technology companies needing to create technical, user, compliance or training documentation.
    • Managers responsible for policies, procedures and compliance needing to create clear and simple information that works.
    • HR Professionals responsible for recruiting permanent or contract Technical Authors, Technical Writers, Documentation Managers, or people for other writing and courseware development roles.
    • Professional Technical Communicators looking for a techcomms company who can help them out when needed.
    • Testimonials

      We see an ongoing role for Cherryleaf as consultants who can help to get better documents out of the vast material we have added to the system. Very importantly, Cherryleaf were able to rapidly respond to our issues with the system and help us understand.

      Dave Hughes
      HCC Embedded
      For Samaritans volunteers, having the information available on the intranet rather than in a manual in their branches, means they can find out what they need to know at any time; the search facility and page style ensures that information can be located and read quickly and easily. For prison staff, this is the first time they will be able to see all of the Samaritans guidelines for running the Listener scheme; this will help to further develop their understanding of the scheme and will support them in facilitating the operation of the scheme in their prison. Samaritans is delighted with the result of the project.

      Maria Foster
      When we needed a complete re-write of two of the product manuals for our specialised and complex server software, Ellis walked us through the different approaches we could take to this project, found us an author who was ideally suited to the task and managed the project with the light-touch it required. The professional approach of Cherryleaf was in marked contrast to our previous experiences with documentation projects and I have no hesitation in recommending Cherryleaf.

      Will Sheward
      As an IT team, we had an array of support documentation for systems and services that we'd always struggled to have a consistent format, style and structure for. The course delivered by Ellis Pratt really clarified the best practices to use and answered many of the questions we had. We were so satisfied with the service provided by Ellis that we contacted Cherryleaf to create an exemplary piece of documentation for one of our systems, with an aim to using the documentation as a template for our other services going forwards. Ginny Critcher was always punctual, polite and efficient in all her work. Where there were any doubts or suggestions, Ginny would provide insight into what the best approach would be in an eloquent and thoughtful manner.

      Alan Oakden

    To see other comments from customers, see our case studies and testimonials pages.

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