Cherryleaf’s recruitment service – Finding you great Technical Authors and courseware developers for contract or permanent roles

Cherryleaf’s recruitment service gives you the inside track for hiring technical communicators, API documentation writers, and e-learning developers in both contract and permanent roles.

You can use us to recruit contract (freelance) or permanent Technical Authors in the UK and mainland Europe. That’s because you’ll be working with a company that’s at the heart of Europe’s technical communication community, and with staff who are technical communicators themselves. You’ll get access to a great selection of candidates with less effort, risk and stress.


“We used Cherryleaf to recruit a member of staff at my last company. I found them the best place to go to find fully professional, career technical authors.”

Simon Green

Hiring a contract technical communicator – how it works

Hiring a contractor gives you the capability of having people with the right skills and experience, but without the long-term commitment of having a permanent employee. Contractors typically work onsite, at your location, although they can work remotely, if you prefer.

Through Cherryleaf, you can engage a contract technical communicator for two weeks, a few months, a year, or another period that suits your requirement. Before the contractor starts working at your office, we’ll agree a contract with you, stating the duration of the contract, the work to be carried out, and the hourly or daily rate. At the end of each month, you’ll be asked to sign the contractor’s timesheet, confirming the hours they worked that month. A few days later, we’ll send you an invoice corresponding for the number of hours the contractor worked.

It’s a straightforward and flexible way to have the skilled technical communicator you need for your project.

Recruiting a permanent technical communicator – how it works

We can help you find the right employee. We’ll talk to you about the type of person you’re looking for, your job description and salary. We can help you develop these, if you want.

When you send us details of your vacancy, we’ll send you our Terms and Conditions for recruitment services for you to sign, so that everything is agreed up front. From there, we’ll promote your position through our network, and speak to potential candidates. We’ll assess their CVs, and forward the CVs of those who should be suitable for your position. If you’re interested in speaking to, or interviewing, any of the candidates we’ve submitted, we can arrange a suitable date and time. We’ll also liaise with you and the candidate, if you want to make a job offer to them.

A clear and simple fee structure

There’s no charge if you don’t hire someone via Cherryleaf. If you do recruit one of our candidates, the amount you pay is based on a percentage of your new employee’s base salary.

Cherryleaf’s recruitment team focuses on technical communication roles: Technical Authors, Technical Writers, Online Help Developers, Web content Developers, Training Courseware Developers, Content Curators, Content Strategists, Editors, Publications Managers and Copywriters.

With only 3 in every 1,000 IT vacancies being for a Technical Author, you need a specialist recruiter

Mainstream recruitment agencies can be fine for filling 99.7% of IT vacancies, but they can struggle when it comes to the 0.3% of vacancies that are for a Technical Author.

3 in 1000 image
By offering a range of technical writing services, we’re talking to technical communicators all the time. This means, through Cherryleaf, you’re connecting with a much bigger audience of talented people.

The main locations of Technical Authors in the UK

The interactive map below shows the main locations of Technical Authors in the UK. For more details, see Location of Technical Authors map.

Useful recruiting resources for you

If you’re unfamiliar with hiring someone for this specialist position, we can guide you through the process of selecting the right person for the role.

Recruiting the right Technical Author – Free webinar recording

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