Documenting APIs training course

This course will help you to document your API, and manage the API documentation process. Note: we focus on REST APIs.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone responsible for managing, planning or writing API documentation:

  • Technical communicators unfamiliar with APIs and API documentation
  • Developers unfamiliar with Information Design and technical writing best practices

No programming experience is required.


Course outline

The exercises are based around an API for topic everyone understands: a hospital. We use publicly accessible APIs.

  • What is an API?
    • Types of APIs
    • Examples of APIs
    • How REST APIs work
  • Using an API
  • Where are APIs?
  • The audience for API documentation
    • What do they want?
    • Who uses API documentation?
  • Writing API documentation
    • What content goes into an API document?
    • Common structures for API documents
    • Automatically generated content
    • Manually written content
    • Writing the content
    • Code samples
  • Design patterns in API documentation
    • Standards and emerging conventions
    • Designing the content to meet the audience’s needs
  • Authoring tools
    • Creating content
    • API Specification tools
    • Publishing the content
    • Managing the content
    • Automation tools
  • Managing an API documentation project
    • Mixing automatically generated content with hand crafted content
    • Editing and reviewing content
    • Maintaining the documentation and version control
    • Integrating it with your existing documentation workflow
    • Building a documentation team
    • Testing


There are a few free applications that we’ll be using. You need to install these before you start the course.

No programming experience is required.


Duration and delivery format

Online API documentation writing course

The course modules is delivered over the Web in small, manageable video presentations. The course handouts and exercises are downloadable as Word or PDF files. With the time needed to complete the exercises, each delegate will need to allocate around two days to complete the course.

Classroom API documentation writing course or workshop

We were asked to deliver this course as a classroom course to the Government Digital Service. As a result, we can now also offer it as a one day classroom course to other organisations in the UK and mainland Europe.

You’ll also receive course materials for you to refer to after you’ve completed the course.


Professional certification as a technical communicator

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Cherryleaf’s training courses can help you become a Junior, Certified Member or Certified Fellow of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC). The ISTC is the national professional body for technical communicators in the UK. It has members around the world.

Junior Members, Members and Fellows are certified by the ISTC through a vetting process, with Members and Fellows entitled to use the initials MISTC or FISTC after their names.

All ISTC members have a responsibility to maintain their professional competence through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Cherryleaf’s courses can help demonstrate you are extending and updating your skills.


This is part of our advanced technical communication training course

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Need an API documentation writer?

Cherryleaf also offers API documentation writing services.