Podcast 41: Single sourcing policies and procedures

In Episode 41 of the Cherryleaf Podcast, we look at the results from our informal survey into the problems with policies and procedures, and how single sourcing can be applied to these types of documents. Here is the video mentioned in the podcast:

Registration is now open for our next policies and procedures course

Registration for the next public policies and procedures writing course is now open. This course will be held on Wednesday 29th August in central London (WC2R). Learn how to create clear and effective policies and procedures on our popular one day course. See: Policies and procedures writing course 29 August    

The most common mistakes organisations make with their policies and procedures

Here are the responses we received when we asked, what are the most common mistakes organisations make with their policies and procedures: Creating reactive policies (e.g. in response to one employee's transgression) instead of going up one conceptual level and thinking through the bigger picture. — Rahel Anne Bailie (@rahelab) June 27, 2018 Not having… Read more »

Free mini online training course – Planning policies and procedures documentation

We’ve been developing some free mini online training courses. These are currently in a “preview” state, as we’re still working on the documentation to go with the videos. The videos are complete, and ready to view. One of the online courses looks at policies and procedures: Planning Policies and Procedures Documentation (Preview) This free course looks… Read more »