The five pillars of product onboarding

This is a diagram that describes the five pillars needed for an effective onboarding solution. It is based on Krystal Higgins’s “five techniques of onboarding”. The five pillars are: Default settings (timezone, date settings etc) Passive help Reactive help Proactive help On-demand help There are explanations of each in the boxes to the right of… Read more »

Vacancy #4511 Technical Author, Warwickshire (and WFH), up to £45K DOE

Our client is looking for an experienced Technical Author to join its team. The company develops marketing data analysis and automation software, for clients around the world. You’ll be developing documentation for users and the the company’s business partners. This will involve identifying the needs of end users and System Administrators, and then developing the… Read more »

Podcast 114: Nine common onboarding mistakes that software companies make

Ellis looks at nine common onboarding mistakes that software companies make: Not thinking about jobs to be done, but features Overloading users with information Writing for a single audience Not providing or not co-ordinating the five pillars of onboarding content Getting the timing wrong Unclear goals Leaving “seams” in the onboarding experience Poor quality content… Read more »

Podcast 113: Using heatmaps & recordings to improve Hotjar’s knowledge base, with Karissa Van Baulen

We talk to Karissa Van Baulen, Customer Education Lead and Knowledge Base Owner at Hotjar. We discuss how she has used heatmaps and playback recordings to improve Hotjar’s knowledge base. What does Hotjar do? Why are heatmaps important? How have you used heatmaps and recordings to improve Hotjar’s knowledge base? How easy is this to do?… Read more »