New legal right to paid parental bereavement leave – Are your policies and procedures up to date?

Last week, the UK Government has announced that parents who suffer the loss of a child under the age of 18 will be entitled to statutory paid leave from work. The Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay Regulations will implement a statutory right to a minimum of two weeks’ leave for all employed parents if they… Read more »

Podcast 75: The Christmas episode

For our 75th episode of the Cherryleaf podcast, we have some fun at the British Museum. We look at some of the objects through the eyes of a technical communicator. On the way, we managed to get a few things wrong. We mispronounced Jean-François Champollion’s surname. The Rosetta Stone was written in two languages, but… Read more »

Podcast 74: What is a taxonomy? Interview with Madi Solomon

In this podcast, we talk to Madi Weland Solomon about taxonomies, metadata and ontologies. We discuss: What is metadata? What is a taxonomy? What is an ontology? Why are taxonomies important to organisations? How important are standards and policies? How should an organisation develop a strategy for taxonomy? Roles and responsibilities How can a taxonomy… Read more »