Podcast 91: BLM, inclusivity and technical communication

This episode of the Cherryleaf Podcast looks at Black Lives Matter (BLM), inclusivity and technical communicators: What can/should technical communicators do within and without their jobs? BLM means recognising black people have historically suffered from prejudice and injustices, and that they still do today. We look at: BLM and technical communication outputs Encouraging Black Asian Minority… Read more »

We’re presenting a breakfast webinar on 2nd July

Ellis will be presenting a webinar, in conjunction with tekom Österreich (Austria), on 2nd July, 09:45 – 10:45 CEST: Virtual Experts’ Breakfast: Online-Collaboration In Technical Writing “The global pandemic, caused by the Corona virus, has given a real turbo boost to the issue of digitalization and the use of modern technologies. Due to extensive restrictions,… Read more »

What is your organisation’s internal communication style?

We’ve found most organisations share common internal communication styles. For each style, you can optimise the way you communicate. Internal communication is the sharing of information for business purposes. By asking you these ten questions, we can identify your organisation’s communication style. Complete this questionnaire to find out, and we’ll send a personalised assessment to… Read more »

Vacancy: #4198 Contract Technical Author, API documentation, Work From Home

A software company, involved in blockchain/Fintech security infrastructure, is looking for a writer to update its API documentation. Initially it would be 2-3 weeks work, but they want someone they can rely on a long term basis as there’s likely to be follow-on work in the future. The initial work is adding some new API… Read more »

Podcast 90: Mike Hamilton on using Flare to manage content for chatbots, the UI, Help and Knowledge Bases all from a single source

In this episode of the Cherryleaf Podcast, we talked to Mike Hamilton, VP of Product Evangelism at MadCap Flare. We discussed: How is Covid-19/lockdown affecting you and MadCap? Managing chatbots, UI text, Help and KB articles from a single source What’s new in Central 2020 What’s new in Flare 2020? Are the new features a… Read more »