Podcast 37: Should technical writers become copywriters?

In Episode 37 of the Cherryleaf Podcast, we look at the similarities and differences between copywriting and technical writing. With the changes to the Customer Journey, we ask: should technical writers become copywriters? Links: Technical copywriting training course Technical copywriting writing services Graham Jones – Are you providing enough detail online? “The World of the Hero”… Read more »

What people said were the common mistakes organisations make with their API documentation

Here are the responses we received when we asked, what are were the common mistakes organisations make with their API documentation: Thinking the auto-generated API reference is sufficient documentation. Shauna Too many docs, not enough code samples. Laura L. Too many “hello world” code samples; Not enough that accomplish something useful. Scott S. Not seeing… Read more »

Our slides from the Build your Docs career event

You can download a PDF copy of the slides from Ellis’ presentation last week at the “Build your Docs career: All-Day Event, in partnership with GDS”. Here’s the link: Slides from Build your Docs career event The presentations were recorded, and they will be available in the next week or two. We also covered this… Read more »