Transcript of our podcast episode on how to assess a Technical Author when you’re recruiting

Below is a transcript of our podcast episode 34, called “How to assess a technical communicator when you’re recruiting”: Welcome to the latest episode in the Cherryleaf podcast. My name is Ellis Pratt. And today I’d like to talk about an event that’s coming up called “Build your docs career”, which is a one-day conference… Read more »

Survey results: Why does your organisation have end user documentation?

Here are the results from our short survey into the reasons why organisations have end user documentation: (n=20) What can we learn from these answers – perhaps that there isn’t one single dominant reason why organisations have end user documentation. The results suggest its value in reducing costs and retaining customers is seen as more important than its… Read more »

Help us develop a technical copywriting course

We’ve put together a draft outline for a potential training course on technical copywriting, and we’re looking for feedback. Have we missed anything? If you’d like to give us feedback on the course outline, contact us. We’ll send you a link to a Google document containing the course outline. You can add your comments to… Read more »

Free mini course – How to assess a good technical communicator from a bad one

We’ve been developing some free mini online training courses. These are currently in a “preview” state, as we’re still working on the documentation to go with the videos. The videos are complete, and ready to view. One of the online courses looks at recruitment: How to assess a good technical communicator from a bad one… Read more »