Our next policies and procedures writing course will be on the 1st March

We’ve scheduled our next policies and procedures writing course.  It will be on the 1st March 2018, at our usual training venue next to Waterloo Bridge in central London. We get delegates from a variety of backgrounds, especially from care homes, housing associations, local councils, and technology companies.

Brexit – Managing the impact on your policies and procedures

No one yet knows what impact Brexit will have on how UK businesses operate. It seems very likely that the way they export will change. There is a good chance there will be forms to fill in, and other steps to complete, in order to get goods, services and people across borders. This will mean policies… Read more »

Our approach to writing procedures documentation

Yesterday, I went on walk to celebrate the life of Richard White, and I was asked by someone on the walk how we tackle procedures writing projects. They asked two great questions: Do you use templates, and which tools do you use? I thought it might be useful to describe our approach.