Free elearning course: communicating and leading during the lockdown

The Covid-19 lockdown is having a huge impact on people and organisations. With so many things that could be about to change, how should organisations respond to the communication challenges they face? What’s your plan for the future? We’ve put together a free elearning course that looks at the Covid-19 communication challenges. The course describes… Read more »

Is legalese a good or bad way to communicate?

The Leveson Inquiry has provided a number of examples of how lawyers and judges communicate. The report, written by Lord Justice Leveson, was praised by The Guardian yesterday for its clarity: Longer than Harry Potter, shorter than Proust, denser than Tolstoy. Brian Leveson’s report thumped into the world at just under 2,000 pages and just… Read more »

Communicating the right information in business

By guest blogger Malcolm Tullett Health and safety is built around good practice. There are systems for getting things done and processes for carrying out the tasks required to make the organisation successful. The problems occur when the paperwork outweighs the operator’s willingness to read and digest it! Standard practice in most organisations is that… Read more »