Eight reasons why successful companies provide API documentation

A developer reading online documentation. This scene captures the focused engagement of a young Asian woman, a developer, as she reads through technical documentation on her computer in a modern, well-lit office space

Providing comprehensive API documentation plays a key part in separating the successful platforms from the rest. It has become essential for attracting developers, earning their trust, encouraging adoption and ultimately driving business growth. Here are eight reasons why the most successful companies invest in API docs. Building trust Developers rely on documentation to integrate their… Read more »

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A client of ours wants to update its API documentation. Some of the content is unclear and incomplete, and other sections need to be updated to describe the latest version of the APIs. They want more overview information and flowcharts on how the API calls fit into business related activities. The navigation and design needs… Read more »

A nine-point strategy for developing a successful API documentation portal

Below is a strategy for developing a successful API documentation portal. By following these steps, you can create a plan for building a documentation portal that meets the needs of your API users, and supports the goals of your organisation. Overview of the steps Step One: Determine your audience For example, you need to know:… Read more »