A nine-point strategy for developing a successful API documentation portal

Below is a strategy for developing a successful API documentation portal. By following these steps, you can create a plan for building a documentation portal that meets the needs of your API users, and supports the goals of your organisation. Overview of the steps Step One: Determine your audience For example, you need to know:… Read more »

New Technical Author Vacancies

We have some new Technical Author vacancies on our books. #4523 Contract Technical Author (APIs) UK or Europe, 6-12 months Our client is looking to engage a contract Technical Author for a period of 6 to 12 months. The role is to document APIs for the travel sector. You can work from home, but you… Read more »

Podcast 121: What are the skills needed for developing a developer portal?

In this episode of the Cherryleaf Podcast, we look at the skills needed for developing a developer portal. We also talk about our new e-learning course “Creating API documentation and developer portals”, and Google’s recommendations for the content needed on a developer portal. Transcript This is the Cherryleaf podcast. Hello and welcome to the latest… Read more »

Eight typical Use Cases for creating or updating API documentation

Here are some of the common reasons why companies contact us about API documentation: You’ve been providing APIs to your largest customers, together with a lot of onboarding and technical support. You want to have more (smaller-sized) companies use the APIs, but you’re worried about the strain that will place on your Support team. You’re… Read more »

Podcast 118: What’s up Redocly?

Cherryleaf’s Ginny Critcher and Ellis Pratt discuss using the Redocly platform to create a developer portal and API documentation. More information: Redocly What is your developer portal’s KPI score? Transcript Audio file  redocly-final.mp3    Transcript  Speaker 2 This is the Cherryleaf podcast.  Speaker 3  Hi everybody, welcome to the Cherryleaf podcast. I’m Ginny Critcher and… Read more »