Podcast 75: The Christmas episode

For our 75th episode of the Cherryleaf podcast, we have some fun at the British Museum. We look at some of the objects through the eyes of a technical communicator. On the way, we managed to get a few things wrong. We mispronounced Jean-François Champollion’s surname. The Rosetta Stone was written in two languages, but… Read more »

Podcast 74: What is a taxonomy? Interview with Madi Solomon

In this podcast, we talk to Madi Weland Solomon about taxonomies, metadata and ontologies. We discuss: What is metadata? What is a taxonomy? What is an ontology? Why are taxonomies important to organisations? How important are standards and policies? How should an organisation develop a strategy for taxonomy? Roles and responsibilities How can a taxonomy… Read more »

Podcast 73: Yvonne Cleary on researching technical communication practice

Yvonne Cleary is a lecturer in Technical Communication and Instructional Design at the University of Limerick, in Limerick, Ireland. In this podcast, Ellis talks to her about the courses at Limerick and her current research project. Yvonne is currently writing a book about technical communication practice, and, as part of that, she is interviewing technical… Read more »