Eight reasons why successful companies provide API documentation

A developer reading online documentation. This scene captures the focused engagement of a young Asian woman, a developer, as she reads through technical documentation on her computer in a modern, well-lit office space

Providing comprehensive API documentation plays a key part in separating the successful platforms from the rest. It has become essential for attracting developers, earning their trust, encouraging adoption and ultimately driving business growth. Here are eight reasons why the most successful companies invest in API docs. Building trust Developers rely on documentation to integrate their… Read more »

New technical writing training course bundles

We’ve introduced some new bundle options for our popular Technical Author/Technical Writer/technical writing training course.  In addition to the standard course, you can also get a second course at a combined discounted price of £299 ex VAT (£354 including VAT). This is around $400. No VAT is charged to people outside of the EU. The… Read more »

Podcast 121: What are the skills needed for developing a developer portal?

In this episode of the Cherryleaf Podcast, we look at the skills needed for developing a developer portal. We also talk about our new e-learning course “Creating API documentation and developer portals”, and Google’s recommendations for the content needed on a developer portal. Transcript This is the Cherryleaf podcast. Hello and welcome to the latest… Read more »

Podcast 111: Building a developer portal using Flare – A new way to do it

For a while now, we’ve been looking at ways to import API reference content into MadCap Flare, so that we can use Flare to create a developer portal. Here’s the latest update on what we’ve learnt. Videos: Importing OpenAPI/Swagger API reference content into MadCap Flare 2021 to create a developer portal Importing API reference documentation… Read more »