What is your organisation’s internal communication style?

We’ve found most organisations share common internal communication styles. For each style, you can optimise the way you communicate. Internal communication is the sharing of information for business purposes. By asking you these ten questions, we can identify your organisation’s communication style. Complete this questionnaire to find out, and we’ll send a personalised assessment to… Read more »

What is your policy and procedures readiness score?

We’ve found most organisations make one of five common mistakes in the way they communicate their policies and procedures. By asking you nine questions, we can identify what are your major issues. Take this quiz to find out, and we’ll send a personalised response to you by email.

Take the Cherryleaf quiz on Technical Communication

For the holiday season, we’ve created a simple six question quiz for you to try. It includes questions on some of the topics we’ve covered in our blog during 2010: Cherryleaf Technical Writing Quiz (Opens in new window) It’s just for fun, but if you’d like to tell us how you fared, please comment below.