Zendesk and Knowledge Centred Support

We explore these questions from listeners: What’s your opinion of Zendesk and Mindtouch? Someone in our company thinks it might be a good idea to explore the idea of moving our Help content  – have you heard of anyone doing this and then using it in a way of single sourcing etc?  Our boss wants… Read more »

3 strategic ways to reduce the number of support calls

The cost of providing support to users can be huge, so what can be done to reduce the number and duration of support calls? Here are three strategies to consider. 1.Pre-empt the calls In same way that Japanese car companies improved the quality of their products to reduce the after-sales costs, you can take steps,… Read more »

3 ways for the Support department to get the monkey off its back

Q. What’s the biggest gripe in Support? A. Getting the unnecessary calls off their backs, so they can find the time needed to tackle the really important problems. Really, they are looking for a way to be pestered less. So what are the three key ways to relieve this headache? 1. Enable users to serve… Read more »