The importance of documentation in business

Ian Boyd Livingston, someone I know who specialises in helping organisations around the world that are facing recruitment difficulties, sent me an email yesterday:

“I’ve been reading Michael Gerber’s “The E-Myth Revisited”…It’s a great book! In it Gerber talks about the importance of documentation and, though you may be tired of hearing this, I immediately thought of you and Cherryleaf.”

He then sent me another message:

“On the basis of “pay it forward” I have just ordered you a copy”.

It arrived today.

I look forward to reading it and returning the favour.

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Surely there comes a point when ‘us wot right’ just stop joining companies who don’t understand the need for documentation?

I’ve yet to interview for a position where they didn’t realise that a good techpubs team wasn’t a necessity, but maybe I’ve just been lucky??

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