Behind the scenes at the Cherryleaf photo shoot

Earlier this week, we had some publicity photos taken at Image1st’s photo studio in central London. We’ll be adding some of them to our Web site in the near future (the ones above are just some we took on the day).

Elizabeth, the makeup artist, asked the inevitable question, “so what do you do?” It’s often very tempting to answer simply with “we work in IT”, because sometimes it can be a struggle to explain what is technical communication/documentation. Usually we say, “we explain technical ‘stuff’ to non-technical people” or “we write the words that appear when you get stuck and hit F1 on a computer”. 

Compared to the world of photography and image, it’s deeply unglamourous. However, we’d like to think it’s still useful and needed.

The photo shoot was great fun, with lots of laughter. It’s even worth considering simply as a team bonding exercise.

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Colum McAndrew

Oh if only I had a pound for everytime I’ve said “I work in IT” when asked what I did. The answer I give largely depends on the situation and my mood.

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