Changes at Cherryleaf in light of Covid19 Coronavirus

When we made our predictions for 2020, and said there could be a major geopolitical event to deal with, we didn’t expect something as terrible as the Coronavirus.

We hope everyone stays healthy. That’s the main thing that matters.

There are some changes at Cherryleaf relating to the services we offer:

  • Our e-learning courses
    • We’ve been asked if organisations can make a single booking for their staff, so they can do some online training while they are having to work from home. Yes, we can do this. Contact us for more information.
    • We’ve also been asked when the e-learning version of the “Technical Writing for Developers” training course will be available (the version that doesn’t require workshop sessions). We’ve recorded all but one of the videos. They’ll need to be edited, and then we should be able to publish the course.
  • Our classroom courses
    • We’re looking at offering the FrameMaker classroom course as a live virtual course via Microsoft Teams.
    • We’re also considering this delivery method for our Writing Policy and Procedures training course, although this course would be harder to adapt.
  • Onsite courses
    • We’re talking to clients about whether to run these, postpone them, or deliver them as a live virtual course.
  • Our technical writing services
    • As the work we do for clients is done away from their offices, it’s unlikely there be any significant changes in this area.

We think that’s it for the moment.

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