Example of API documentation portal using MadCap Flare

This post follows on from our Creating an API documentation portal with MadCap Flare and Swagger/OpenAPI post. It shows screenshots of a test project we created. We used Swagger’s “petstore” example API specification as the source content. We didn’t spend any time modifying the stylesheets – these are just proofs of concept. API documentation Home page… Read more »

Creating an API documentation portal with MadCap Flare and Swagger/OpenAPI

MadCap Software has published a whitepaper called The Definitive Guide to Creating API Documentation. It covers ten best practices for writers, and it describes how you can use MadCap Flare to implement these when you are writing API documentation. In this post, we’ll look at whether we can combine automatically generated REST API reference documentation with… Read more »

Using MadCap Flare 2017 for company procedures – Quick review

We’ve been setting our staff the challenge of using some of the popular Help Authoring tools to create online company documents. We asked them to make some notes on the applications they used. Here are some of the notes relating to MadCap Flare 2017: “You soon become aware it’s a really powerful tool. Is this actually a… Read more »

MadWorld 2016 Conference Review – Day Two

Last week, I spoke at, and attended, Madworld 2016, the conference hosted by MadCap Software for its users. Here is a summary of what I saw and heard on the second day. These were mostly for advanced users; I didn’t see any of the presentations aimed at new users of Flare.

MadWorld 2014 conference review

Once again, I enjoyed immensely Madcap Software’s MadWorld conference in San Diego. This was Madcap’s second annual conference, building on the success of MadWorld 2013.