Embedding videos into printed instruction manuals

Pepsi is pioneering the use of new technology that embeds video adverts in printed magazines. According to the Financial Times, the video starts when the reader turns to the appropriate page.   See CBS and Pepsi bring video ads to printed page and CBS to run video ad in magazine this fall If it could be… Read more »

What can Technical Authors learn from celebrity chefs and musicians?

We wrote recently about the Attention Economy and the challenges faced by technical publications departments. So what about other business sectors that are facing similar problems – can we learn from them? Andrew Savikas has been looking at some of the ways in which the Publishing industry, aspiring young musicians and celebrity chefs have been… Read more »

Making interactive “How To” videos

Hypertext functionality comes to videos. Asterpix is an interesting Web site that enables technical communicators and trainers to create interactive videos. This brings Captivate-type functionality to TV/YouTube videos. You can add hotspots and hyperlinks to areas of the video, allowing viewers to get more information on objects of interest during video playback. Viewers can also… Read more »