Software Tester and Technical Author – should the two roles ever be put together?

We’ve a client looking to recruit a Technical Writer/Software Tester, which they are having difficulties filling (see #4084 Technical Author/Software Tester, Surrey, £25K-£35K) As part of the process of promoting this vacancy, we posed the following questions in a forum on LinkedIn for testers (Software Testing & Quality Assurance) and in a forum for Technical… Read more »

Assessing a candidate Technical Author

We’re a month into our trial of assessing candidate CVs using a points system, so it’s an appropriate moment to look at its progress and how candidate Technical Authors are assessed in general. On our scoring system, the difference between the Technical Author CVs we’ve received recently has been within 10%, with a few outliers outside of… Read more »

Need a Confluence or Mindtouch developer?

Cherryleaf has skills in developing and creating content for Confluence based systems, and we’re developing our skills in this area for Mindtouch Technical Communications Suite as well. We’re available to work on your project. Contact us if you’d like to know more.

Want a job as a Technical Author or Courseware Developer?

Here are some of the vacancies that have come in within the last 10 days, which we’re looking to fill: #4072 Contract Technical Author, 9 months, Circa €30/hour, Near Amsterdam #4071 Courseware Developer, West Surrey, £23K-£27K #4070 Contract Technical Author, 6 months, London How to apply