Podcast 110: After basic techcomm training, what next?

In addition to the basic skills in technical communication, what other skills does a technical communicator need? In this episode of the Cherryleaf Podcast, we look at the areas where technical communicators deepen and widen their skill set. We consider what should be the topic for our (Cherryleaf’s) next elearning course. Twitter thread: Does anyone have… Read more »

Podcast 109: Review of Google’s UX design course

In March 2021, Google published the “Google UX Design Certificate Program”, as part of its Grow with Google scheme. In this episode, we look at: What is promised How it’s delivered What’s in the course Career prospects  

Transcript of Podcast 108

This is a transcript of Podcast 108: What you said you wanted from a course on creating screenshots and images This is the Cherryleaf Podcast.  I find myself in Windsor again and I’m by Eton Bridge, which goes over the River Thames and looking one way I can see into Eton and the shops in… Read more »

Podcast 103: Training during the Lockdown – lessons learnt

On the Cherryleaf Podcast, we discuss the lessons we’ve learnt so far from training in a virtual classroom environment during the Lockdown.   More information: Cherryleaf’s training courses Cherryleaf newsletter Transcript: This is the Cherryleaf podcast.  Hello and welcome to the Cherryleaf podcast. It’s a snowy day here, so it’s not a walking podcast. This time I’m in the… Read more »