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We sent out our latest HTML newsletter this week, unfortunately with three typos. It’s another why I (Ellis) don’t do any chargeable client work and stick to sales and marketing.



Great to read your newsletter Ellis. Thought your opening lines were perfect for introducing something to people who hadn’t probably heard from you for a while… like me.
Speaking as a professional email marketer… it was brilliant… and i would aniticipate very few people will unsubscribe… lots will probably bounce!
Give me a bell and let’s set up a 121… I agree, it’s the best way to get business moving.
One observation… the email would benefit from a few pictures. The techy in you is resistant but people like pictures more than words… which I will prove to you when we meet.
Have a great weekend…
Jon Davey


The use of pictures is a good idea but it could trigger some people’s spam filters. It would obviously increase the size of the e-mail… unless you maybe put those pictures on a web site then referenced them (with HTML code).

On the subject of spelling… When I think of ‘sharing information’ and ‘information flow’, I figure that spelling is only a part of getting that message across. I suppose it’s a bit like mobile phone texting… it still gets the message across even though everything’s mangled. I guess we are, by profession, too close to the actual words. I think your message (and its value) outweighs the individual words (and their spelling). So I think that spelling IS important… but only within a certain context.
Or am I just talking rubbish?!
Feel free to argue. (smile)
James Lawrence.

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