What’s your Skype Presence?

In two years, Skype has reached 44 million users and have 3 million concurrent users online each day. 2% of all broadband users currently worldwide on the Internet are on Skype at any one time, and more than 5% of international voice traffic is going over Skype.

So what is Skype? At its base level, it offers zero cost PC to PC telephony and very low cost charges for PC to PSTN phone calls. However, its technology also offers you a global intercom, “always on” access to people, a way to avoid telephone tag, instant messaging, video chat, file transfer and many other capabilities.

This video stream of a presentation by Stuart Henshall explains some of the implications of Skype and asks “What’s your Skype Presence?”

You can download Skype here and take a look.

Cherryleaf is on Skype. Whilst very few organisations have a Skype strategy yet, there are some that are already modifying their service offerings, selling and support systems to take advantage its capabilities. How will it affect your department, your organisation?




We’ve recently adopted Skype – very handy as we have our main office in Glasgow and sales and consultants staff around the globe. Apparently the first month saw the phone bill half. Not bad.


Finally manged to listen to Stuart’s talk. He could have made all his points by pointing out to the collection of generic technologies: presence, texting, speech and easy ability to switch from one to the other. What I am not convinced is why Skype alone is unique in doing this?



it will not affect us as other offices have used it and not been able to provide a reliable service.

definitely better ways for companies to save a few £££s…


Agree with what others said. Good for home users but not professional business. Plenty of alternatives.

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